Important Reasons to Get Out and Vote for Your Candidate

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It is often said that voting is a privilege. As citizens, we have the right to vote, but when you consider that millions of people around the world living in countries that do not have our form of democratic system, and thus do not have a right to vote, voting in an election as a United States citizen truly is a privilege. In the past few decades, people have become more and more distrustful of the electoral system, especially the US presidential elections. Many people have opined that the individual’s vote doesn’t count because of the Electoral College system in place which allows the possibility of a candidate garnering the most popular, or individuals’, votes while losing the election based on the Electoral College system. The 2000 presidential election is the most recent case in point, with then Vice President Al Gore collection the most individuals’ votes while losing ultimately to George W. Bush because of the Electoral College votes needed for election.

If you, like millions of other disenfranchised voters, have pondered what the point is in voting, then here are a few good reasons to vote.

Make your voice heard

Voting is the most accessible way to have your voice heard. Whether your vote is cast in confidence of a candidate or party, or in protest, voting in your local state or federal election is the easiest way to be heard by the government.

Special ballot issues

When special referendums are included on the ballot, it is one of the most direct methods of having your opinion be known by your leaders. Special referendums, such as the legalization of marijuana, or a change in the state constitution, are directly decided by popular vote. It’s usually a decision between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ and the votes of individuals decide whether the measure passes and becomes law, or whether it is rejected.


If you complain about the government, a politician, a particular law, or some other issue that is in the news, if you have not voted in an associated election, you really do not have much credibility. Voting is a way to be able to converse on these topics with a sense of credibility because you actually cast your vote when it was time to make an ultimate decision.

Vote for your children

Because those under 18 cannot vote, voting often serves as a dual purpose as some issue or candidate you vote for can eventually impact the lives of your children. Vote for your child’s welfare as well as your own.

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